Hi, I’m Can Sar. I’m an entrepreneur and software engineer. I’m currently working on some new projects at Byzantium Capital.

In the past I’ve worked in a variety of areas, generally centered around using technology to address big social problems.

My last company, Value Voting, built political data and coordination software to help moderate candidates win party primaries and alleviate the effects of gerrymandering.

Previously I worked at Google, after they acquired my first company Apture. There I was an early member of the Google Inbox team and helped create Google Reminders, a smart autocomplete system for task entry that helped users automate common tasks.

Before that I was CTO and Co-Founder of Apture. Our mission was to make news more informative and engaging by using the full capabilities of the web. We built a contextual layer that allowed readers to learn more about any topic. Our technology was deployed across a billion page views on some of the biggest news sites in the world. Google acquired the company in 2011.

Before starting Apture I was a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford (where I also got my BS and MS) focusing on Operating Systems.